Sky News Investigates: Sweden’s Deadly Gang War

Sky News Investigates: Sweden’s deadly gang war

Sweden has a problem: gangs with guns and bombs are unleashing terror on the streets. Fifty three people were shot dead as part of an ongoing gang war in 2023.

Things got so bad that the government called in the army to help the police. And there’s a new deadly trend emerging in this battle. Gang members as young as 14 are increasingly using explosives to target rivals as they fight over drug turfs.

How has a peaceful European country ended up the gun murder capital of the EU? Is failed integration to blame? Sky’s Siobhan Robbins has been to find out.

As part of the research, she speaks to a young man whose been part of a gang since he was nine. He claims hitmen are being paid less so now “everyone kills”. She also sees the arsenal of weapons taken off the streets.
Credit to : Sky News

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