Slumlord Millionaires – Profiting from People Trafficking

Expose two new Slumlord Millionaires

Here we expose two new slumlord millionaires, one of whom is rumoured to have bought 160 apartments adjacent to UCD. These two men are heavily profiteering from the people trafficking scam, along with a few other very wealthy individuals and companies, all facilitated by our ever-corrupt Government who are hellbent on ruining Ireland. All of this is done under a banner of humanitarian duty. The reality is very different. Along with greed, there is a much more menacing agenda. One that is inhumane to those they claim to be helping, and inhumane to indigenous Irish people. The drive to accommodate as many healthy young men as possible is part of a bigger agenda driven by the #EU, #WEF and #UN (#SustainableGoalsAgenda2030). There is no help coming from the Irish government, as they are the #EnemyWithin. The Irish people will have to save themselves. First step, identify the #EnemiesOfIreland living in your county, expose them and put them under scrutiny and pressure.
Credit to : The Irish Inquiry