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SOS: President Michael D.Higgins

🇮🇪 It is widely presumed that the functions of the President are essentially ceremonial duties, but this isn’t true. In fact, he has absolute discretion under Article 13 of our Constitution in relation to certain matters.

For example, if the President has concerns, he can convene a meeting of either or both of the Houses of the Oireachtas after consultation with the Council of State and address them on “any matter of national or public importance”. He can also make an address to the nation, however, the government must be “satisfied” (sásta) with the content.

Just like previous corrupt governments & their fake opposition in Ireland, our current members, with few exceptions, continue to pass Legislation; Acts, Regulations & policies which destroy our own national & local industries, including our tourist fishing & farming industries, with a huge knock on effect on local & national Irish businesses, our communities & standard of living, thereby eroding our natural, unalienable rights which are enshrined in An Bunreaćt, by delimiting our right to access a livelihood from our own resources in order to meet the fundamental needs of our national economy & Irish citizens.

Furthermore, their continuous actions carried out in the name of national or EU legislation, which are clearly AGAINST our Constitution, erode the unalienable rights of the Irish People to source and enjoy a reasonable standard of living and to determine their own governance & national policies.

They continue to ignore THE WILL & THE WELFARE of the People of Ireland.

Article 6.1 of An Bunreact, as literally translated from the original Irish text, which takes precedence under Article 63, states:

“It is from the People, under God, that every power of rule, both legislation and fulfilment and judgement comes, and it is the People who have the right to appoint the rulers of the State, and it rests with the People finally to settle every question regarding the policies of the Nation in accordance with what is necessary for the welfare of the People (cun leas an pobail).”

The State appears to have diluted and edited in places the literal translation of the original Irish text of our Constitution in the English version being relied upon for many decades, and bearing in mind the atrocities they perpetrate in the name of “the common good”, we believe that the intention for this is clear.

On taking office, the President takes an Oath to fulfil his duties faithfully and conscientiously in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, and that he will dedicate his abilities to the service and welfare of the people of Ireland with the direction of God to sustain him.

It is clearly time for the President Higgins to now honour his Oath and speak for the People of Ireland, whom he represents, both at home here in Ireland and abroad, and address the gross injustices being carried out against the people of Ireland that are wholly repugnant to our Constitution.

It is time for him to make an HISTORICAL move by exercising his powers, bestowed upon him by our Constitution, to schedule an address to the Houses of The Oireachtas on these matters of critical National importance and to address the Nation.

do his duty?

Will THEY have the audacity to deny the address on the grounds that they are “not satisfied” with the content? A Taoiseach and his government who are now merely acting in their roles until their successors are appointed, following Leo Varadkar’s resignation?

Let us see if they continue to ignore Article 6.1 of our Constitution when the hard facts are laid bare publicly as to the unlawfulness of the actions of these politicians that are trampling over the unalienable rights of the People of this country that are enshrined in our Constitution, under God.

Time for another crucial #letterToThePresident ! 🇮🇪

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