STONELIFTING SHORT FILM | an Ancient Irish Tradition

STONELIFTING SHORT FILM | an Ancient Irish Tradition

A short film dedicated to David Keohan (aka “Indiana Stones”), who descended down to County Kerry, Ireland, in an attempt to “get the wind” under a stone that hasn’t been lifted in over 100 years.

David has been featured on the Blindboy Podcast, the Tommy Tiernan Show, among major media outlets across the globe.

Lifting stones are heavy natural stones which people are challenged to lift, proving their strength. They are common throughout Northern Europe, particularly Iceland (where they are referred to as steintökin), Ireland, Scotland, Basque Country, Faroe Islands, Wales, North West England centered around Cumbria, Switzerland, Southern Germany centered around Bavaria, Austria and also in the United States and parts of Asia such as Japan

CREATED BY: Christopher Barrett
Credit to : Chris Barrett Adventure

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