Take a Trip around Killarney, Ireland

Killarney, Ireland shops, streets, pubs and restaurants

Killarney, Ireland, in County Kerry, is a beautiful place to visit for at least three big reasons. First of all, because it’s in Ireland, then there is the town itself, which is quite charming, and it’s famous for the lakes and lush natural beauty all around it, part of the Killarney National Park. So perhaps the main reason the visitors come here is for the natural beauty of the lakes and the famous ride around the peninsula called the Ring of Kerry, but here you will see that the town itself is also a great reason to come and stay and spend some time. In this episode we are going to focus on the town will have a look at the main streets, the shops and we will take you into several of their excellent restaurants.

The pubs and restaurants visited: Scruffy’s :47 ; Hannigans 4:22 ; The Laurels 5:23 ; Cronins Restaurant 5:46 ; Danny Mann 6:25 ; The Porterhouse 6:56 ; Treyvaud’s 7:53 ; Salvador’s 8:19 ; Mac’s of Main Street 9:20 ; J.M. REIDY’S 10:25

Credit denniscallan

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