Taxpayers v Construction Industry | Should Those Responsible For Mica Scandal Pay the Concrete Levy?

Discuss the introduction of a concrete levy from Budget 2023

Ciara Doherty is joined by Journalist Aoife Moore, Seรกn Fleming TD, CIF Director General Tom Parlon & Michael Fitzmaurice TD to discuss the introduction of a concrete levy from Budget 2023.

Aoife Moore tells Ciara that the Mica families are not happy with the concrete levy as they will have to pay it to rebuild their homes.

Seรกn Fleming TD states, “the taxpayer is being asked to pay โ‚ฌ3 billion.”

When asked whether the concrete block levy will be passed onto the customer, Seรกn tells Ciara, “if somebody can show me how it won’t be passed on I’d love to hear it.”

Tom Parlon does not agree that the construction industry is at fault and thus should pay for the concrete levy, and that “the industry is paying its fair share already.”

Michael Fitzmaurice slams the concrete levy’s reliance on taxpayers. He claims it will cost the young people looking to build their first house in life โ‚ฌ3,000 extra.

Seรกn Fleming thinks the fairest thing to do in regards is for taxpayers to pick up the vast cost of the levy, but that the construction sector also is asked to contribute.
Credit to : Virgin TV

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