The Dark Side of Dublin’s Asylum Seeker Scams in Ireland

🇮🇪 The Dark Side of Dublin’s Asylum Seeker Scams in Ireland

Dangerous Deliveroo, Asylum Seeker Scams, immigrant integration, pickpocketing in Dublin – Exposing Dublin’s downward spiral during Ireland’s immigration crisis and hidden homelessness epidemic.

Welcome to today’s video where we shine a light on Dublin’s underbelly, revealing asylum seeker scams, unvetted Deliveroo couriers, and the dangers of pickpocketing gangs to help you stay safe in Dublin Ireland
This video is a must-watch for those interested in understanding the current immigration situation in Dublin.

Let’s delve into various scams asylum seekers use to exploit the system (and each other), the lack of background checks in popular delivery services like Deliveroo/Just Eat, along with the tactics pickpockets use to target unsuspecting individuals.


Stay safe in Dublin folks.

00:00 Intro
00:13 Racism in Ireland and scams
02:00 Integration
03:30 Dublin delivery Deliveroo
07:25 Pickpocketing
1: Homeless in Ireland
2: Irish Homeless
3: Refugees Ireland
4: Immigration Ireland
5: Housing crisis Ireland
6: Homeless in Dublin
7: Dublin homeless
8) Homeless Dublin
9: Stay safe in Dublin
10: Hidden Homelessness Crisis Ireland

Credit to : bogtrotter – Ireland

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