The Maximum Penalty for this Offence is 5 Years in Jail

The maximum penalty for this offence is 5 years in jail.

6.1. It is from the people, under God, that every power of rule, both legislation and fulfilment and judgement, comes and it is the people who have the right to appoint the rulers of the State, and it is up to / rests with the people finally to settle every question regarding the policies of the Nation in accordance with what is necessary for the welfare of the people.Vital Information

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Hate Speech Bill contravenes Article 40 of An Bunreaċt 1937.

Q. Does it have the power to shut down our society,

and cast us into an Orwellian dystopia?

The Irish hate speech bill is not only unconstitutional (see Article 40), “it contains some very questionable provisions. It is described as a bill to protect, but it has the capacity to do immense damage to freedoms and democracy in Ireland.

Points to consider:

Minister Helen McEntee has repeatedly failed to comply with Senators’ requests to define “hate speech” and “hatred”.

This Bill gives An Garda Siochana the right to enter your home without warrant and confiscate all the electronic devices on the premises, including your visitors and children’s. You are then obliged to supply all passwords, and if you refuse, you will face a custodial prison sentence.

Is there a need for this Bill when there are currently laws that protect Irish people from incitement to violence? Will this Criminal Justice Bill (above) will give way to Government overreach?

Do the numerous laws being enacted each year benefit society?

If not, who actually benefits from them?

If the Hate Speech Bill is passed it will be used with the ‘Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022’. Coimisiún na Meán holds media platforms to account to implement this Act.

Global corporate social media platforms, such as Facebook (Meta), WhatsApp (Meta), Instagram, Google and YouTube etc have agreed to enforce this legislation, under the guise of protecting children.

Other platforms such as X (Twitter) and TikTok are resisting censorship. Elon Musk believes that there is a benefit to open discussion and in giving people a chance to hear both sides in order to form balanced opinions, as well as an opportunity to rebut misinformation.

If there is no openness online, we will only be privy to the narratives of the lobbyists with the Government’s ear to push their commercial agendas. (Tobacco industries and the pharmaceutical industries are a case in point).

What kind of country will we end up with when our citizens are censored or banned from having a controversial opinion, one that might disagree with the mainstream narrative?

‘The State’

[Article 4]
Éire is the name of the State or, in the English tongue,

[Article 5]

Éire is a sovereign, independent, democratic State.

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