The Mick Clifford Podcast: Finola Cassidy – Thalidomide Survivors’ quest for justice 60 Years on [Podcast]

Just over sixty years ago, the morning sickness drug Thalidomide was withdrawn from the market when it was discovered that it was causing major foetal damage in the expectant mothers to whom it had been prescribed.


Tens of thousands of mothers across Europe miscarried and at least another 5,000 babies were born without limbs, with limbs foreshortened and other serious medical issues.


In Ireland, the drug remained on the market for nine months after it was withdrawn by its German maker.


Today there are about forty Thalidomide survivors and they are still seeking a state apology.

Finola Cassidy is one such survivor and spokesperson for the Irish Thalidomide Association.
Credit to : Irishexaminer