The Miscarriage Rate is 82% For Those Vaccinated In 1st Trimester

Dr Pat Morrissey from Adare, County Limerick

One of the few doctors in Ireland to stand up and be counted, at great personal and professional risk, is Dr Pat Morrissey from Adare, County Limerick.
This week the practicing GP says he no longer recognises Ireland. In a tweet, the father of three wrote: “Facts are rejected to push an experimental therapy on young people whose risks vastly outweigh any benefit by taking it.
The miscarriage rate is 82% for those vaccinated in 1st trimester and long term risk to fertility is unknown. No to vaccine”.
This week on the One to One Show with Aisling O’Loughlin, Dr Morrissey discusses the research behind that startling figure and why he has refused to take part in the national roll-out of the Covid-19 experimental injection.
This interview was recorded on Tuesday 13th July.
Credit to : TheIrishInquiry

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