“The Pubs charging the most are packed” – High Prices won’t Deter Tourists Travelling to Ireland

High prices won’t deter tourists travelling to Ireland

Visitors are not deterred from Ireland’s tourist spots even though the price of goods just keeps going up, according to travel journalist Eoghan Corry.

In several pubs across Dublin, the price of a pint has risen exponentially in recent years, with a pint of Rockshore cider costing €10.45 in the Merchant’s Arch pub in Temple Bar, if you’re also ordering a meal.

Kavanagh’s Pub in Dublin 8 has even recently threatened to remove all Diageo products from its stock after the third price hike in a year and a half.

According to travel journalist Eoghan Corry, however, these prices are not deterring the famous visitors to Temple Bar – tourists.

“It’s very interesting when you look at the price per pint,” he told The Pat Kenny.

“When you look across Dublin and the very publicised rise in the price of a pint in Temple Bar – you could walk 500 metres and get a pint for €5, €5.50.

The pubs that are charging the most are packed, so the prices running on the ground, once [tourists] land in the city, aren’t really a factor in people deciding coming to Dublin or not.

They do expect Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin to be around the same level.

Where we sit in international tourism, the expectation isn’t that you’re coming here [for low prices].”
Credit to : Newstalk

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