The Real Story Of Ireland – Michael Tsarion [Podcast]

Wave of cultural transformation

In these fast-changing and psychotic times, there’s a wave of monoculturalism that is now spreading across the civilized world. A wave of cultural transformation, that seeks to wash away the uniqueness of various peoples and the lands in which they live. Ireland and Irish culture, having been progressively eroded over the centuries, is now almost completely erased in the name of progress and so-called “progressivism”.
Irish culture, along with any remaining Irish sovereignty, is disappearing thanks to globalism, and the invasion, once again, of foreign ideologies Now, more than ever, it’s important to remind ourselves of Ireland’s incredible culture..its unique history..its eternal beauty and the ancient origins that are the foundation of its story.
My guest for this subject is non-other than Michael Tsarion, who is a prolific author and public speaker, and a veteran of the truth and so-called “alternative” research community. His many books cover such topics as occult and ancient history, mythology, philosophy, astro-theology, German idealism, the female psyche, plus his acclaimed book “Atlantis: Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation” and “The Irish Origins of Civilization” volumes 1 and 2.
Credit to : Walrus

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