The Terrible Truth About Ireland 2040

The Terrible Truth About “Ireland 2040”

The Terrible Truth About “Ireland 2040” — Stefan Molyneux destroys every argument for displacing Irish people through tsunami immigration
The elites and their hacks tell us that after 9,000 years, the Irish now have to be thoroughly displaced in our own homeland through unending waves of migration from all over the world. The migrants will pay for our pensions, they tell us. They will keep our services running. We need them to build our homes. They will improve our culture. We will be “senescent demographically” and “we will need their youthful energy to do stuff”. The global elite are good people who have our best interests at heart, they pretend. Meanwhile UN “humanitarians” are starving and raping 9 year old children.
Some like Peter Sutherland have been more honest and told us the goal is simply to undermine our national identity for the sake of globalism.
Well now, Author and Philosopher — but most importantly — Athlonian Stephen Molyneux has put together a 2 hour video destroying every argument they can come up with.
Well worth the time to watch.
Credit to : sinsin52

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