The Truth about Irelands Immigration and Asylum Laws (What the Government Do Not Want You To Know)

International Protection Applicants

The purpose of this video is:

1) To ask those in support of international protection to consider what is your number and by this, we mean is there any cap you would put on international protection applicants, or would you really burden Ireland with accepting uncapped numbers of migrants; and

2) To review the immigration laws currently in place in Ireland; while also answering the question “What are our obligations regarding those seeking international protection under EU law” – which will then allow us to consider the potential counter arguments that may be advanced to politicians, media etc when they say we are obliged to accept an uncapped number of persons seeking protection under international law.

Link to ICHR website where full details set out in the video can be found:
Credit to : Tracey O’ Mahony, Barrister and Founder of ICHR

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