The Worlds Longest Coastal Route! Vanlife in Ireland

Donegal where we begin the Wild Atlantic Way

This week we are in Donegal where we begin the Wild Atlantic Way! A 2500km journey following the west coast of Ireland from top to bottom.
We wake up on the cliffs with sheep for company and watch the sun rise over Northern Ireland. Our first stop is a small beach at the base of the cliffs where seals swim and the sun creeps above the horizon. We find a tap in the car park and make the most of it filling our water before heading off.
Our next stop is Malin Head, Ireland’s most northern point. The cliffs are shear and jagged. We then drive on to our park up for the night where Isabel manages to over flow the grey water tank soaking the space below the sink and over reacting to the severity of what has happened.
Credit to : Lost In Transit

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