Transgender Rights Poll Reveals Ireland’s thoughts on issue that Divides Opinion

Transgender rights poll reveals Ireland’s thoughts on issue that divides opinion | Newstalk

Kieran Cuddihy and Barry Whyte discuss the findings of a Newstalk – Amarach poll about the issue of transgender rights in Ireland.

The main findings:

· Half of Irish adults (51%) agree people should only use toilets or other traditionally gendered spaces of their biological sex at birth. One quarter (25%) believe people should be able to use whatever toilet or other traditionally gendered spaces they identify with, this is particularly higher amongst females and 18-24s.

· With regards to prison housing and hospital wards, 6 in 10 (59%) believe people should be housed in wards and wings of their biological birth.

· 4 in 10 (40%) do not agree that sport bodies should allow people who have transitioned play with the gender they identify with. A third (33%) believes this depends on the sport.

· A third of the population (33%) agree passport and government issued documents should have options for gender other than male or female. However, 43% do not and 23% are not sure.

· People are more supportive of teenagers (under 18) receiving gender affirming care or access to puberty blockers (for those that wish to transition) when there is also parental consent. However, majority do not believe these should be available to teenagers.

· A third of Irish adults (34%) believe transgender people face a lot of discrimination in Ireland – this is sentiment is strongest amongst females and under 35s.

· Just over half of the population (52%) believe it is an individual choice should someone use pronouns in official communications. Whilst nearly a third (34%) do not agree with this.

Credit to : Newstalk

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