War Movie : Albert R.N.

Allied Prisoners

Albert R.N. is a 1953 British war film directed by Lewis Gilbert and starring Jack Warner, Anthony Steel and Robert Beatty.
The escape tunnel for the Allied prisoners at a German prisoner-of-war camp for naval officers is discovered.
Lieutenant Ainsworth devises a scheme with the escape committee to use a disassembled mannequin named Albert to convince the Germans that all prisoners sent outside the camp for a bathhouse wash up are returned to the camp. A piece of Albert is smuggled with the prisoners going to the bathhouse and reassembled for the return. Ainsworth also has a woman pen pal he has never seen; he plans to marry her once he is free. Though the originator has the right to try out his own idea, Ainsworth insists that his hut mates draw cards for the privilege; Erickson wins and gets away.
Credit to : Angel Productions

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