West Coast Of Ireland (1965)

West Coast Of Ireland (1965)

A travelogue visiting various locations on the west coast of Ireland.

L/S of Bunratty Castle. L/S of ruined Ross Castle with tourists in the foreground. Low angled shot of ancient Martelo tower. M/S of a small ruined chapel in a cemetery. C/U on a Celtic cross grave stone.

Various L/Ss of Cork, looking over river and Cork Bridge. L/S, looking over harbour, towards oil refineries. L/S of industrial harbour. Various shots of the very space-age oil refinery – lots of twisting pipes and spherical tanks. C/U of an Oxyacetylene welder at work. M/S of men in a dockyard warehouse working on metal sections of a ship. M/S of two men looking at a construction plan. Various shots of a ship’s bow. High angled shot from on deck, looking down at docks. High angled shot of bow, the Irish flag flies. A ribbon is seen being tied to a champagne bottle. M/S of a Priest blessing a new ship. A woman swings the bottle at the ship. Low angled shot of people waving from the deck as the ship slides into the sea. M/S of dock workers cheering. L/S of the cargo ship sliding into the sea.

Various point of view shots, from a boat, of water skiers on Loch Derg. C/U of woman driving the motor boat. More shots of the skiers. L/S of a fishing boat returning to port at Killybegs. M/S of the boat docking, in the foreground a dog looks over the quayside. M/S of seagulls on the quay. Various shots of crates of fish being winched onto the quay. C/U of crates of fish. More shots of fish being unloaded. C/U of crate of plaice. L/S of beach, Croagh Patrick (mountain) in distance. Panning shot from slopes of Croagh P., a statue comes into shot. M/S of statue of St. Patrick. M/S of man fishing in salmon weir at Galway. L/S of weir.

M/S of market in Galway. C/U of ducks and chickens. M/S of stall holder showing a live chicken to a woman customer. Various shots of bustling market. Various shots of Galway Cathedral.

C/U of Christ on the cross statue, various shots of modern religious ornaments, a man is seen polishing a golden ‘Sanctus’ box. M/S of a designer working on a religious design for a Dublin company, ‘Gunning’s’, makers of altar ornaments. C/U of man tapping out a pattern on a gold lock. Various shots of men tapping designs on gold chalices. M/S of a man fitting a precious stone in the chalice. A man is seen walking past a cabinet full of glittering ornaments, he places a tiny flag in a map of Ireland, marking another sale.

L/S of a donkey grazing outside a thatched cottage in Limerick. Top shot of the cottage interior. A man enters carrying firewood, an old woman on a stool stokes the fire – it is a living exhibit at the Bunratty Folk Park. M/S of a man at a machine that plaits copper wires, part of piano factory on Shannon estate. C/U of his hands as he works. C/U of wire coming off a bobbin. M/S of a man fixing wires into a piano interior. C/U of the piano interior. M/S of a woman laying piano keys. Various shots of pianos being tested. L/S of factory exterior. L/S of factories and Shannon airfield, L/S of blocks of flats. Panning shot of Lama-Knit factory floor. Various shots of lengths of fabric going through machines and being cut in patterns. Various shots machinist sewing wool coats. L/S of Shannon Free Airport Development company building. Various shots around the airport, passengers are seen boarding a plane. People, including some nuns, watch from a rooftop as a plane takes off.
Cuts exist – please see separate record.
FILM ID:353.01
Credit to : British Pathé

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