What Has Happened to Ireland? | The Millennial

What Has Happened to Ireland?

Just how many things have to go wrong in a country before those in power take responsibility for them? Quite a lot it seems as even with the countless revelations and scandals in this country Leo Varadkar, Micheรกl Martin, Stephen Donnelly, Darragh O’Brien, Helen McEntee and others are still TD’s, without any shame about their horrible records.

Today I take a look at the scandals of the past few weeks here in Ireland (the cost of living crisis, childcare sector abandoned, crime rates, pointless distractions about songs, homelessness, the proposed reforms of disability payments, and of course, Temple Street and the accusations of cheap springs being implanted into children with spina bifeda), and ask what on earth has become of Ireland that we are content to let this happen?
Credit to : The Millennial Cynic

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