What RTÉ’s Kevin Bakhurst really said on Rory Coveney Exit

What RTÉ’s Kevin Bakhurst really said on Rory Coveney exit

From his first day in the job, Kevin Bakhurst made it clear that Rory Coveney got some class of a payoff – but he also ducked, dived and dodged providing any figures.

Seven months later, we now know the RTÉ director general gave a golden handshake worth about €200,000 to the executive in charge of Toy Show The Musical, which lost €2.3m.

The payment to Rory Coveney, the brother of Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney, has increased the heat on the RTÉ director general.

Now Mr Bakhurst is citing his answers at a press briefing – on the day he took up the director general’s job – as evidence he did divulge an exit payment to Mr Coveney.

The newly-appointed director general had said earlier in the day that Mr Coveney had “resigned from RTÉ”.

Yet it was quite clear there was a payout attached to this supposed resignation by the RTE director of strategy.

And Mr Bakhurst was given ample opportunity to clarify the matter at the time.

The €2.2m loss at the time has since risen to €2.3m.

Here’s what RTÉ director general Kevin Bakhurst told the Irish Independent’s Fionnán Sheahan about Rory Coveney’s payoff on July 10, 2023:
Credit to : Irish Independent

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