Who are the Irish?

Origins and Nature of the Irish People

Covering the origins and nature of the Irish people from their earliest beginnings to the modern day through archaeology, mythology and history. It is only the most brief of introductions and focuses more on origins and myth so do not expect an in-depth history, but a quick overview of some important points.

Feel free to dispute specific figures. I typically went with mid-range estimates. The fact is, nobody actually knows the true figures, but they were massive and terrible.

Also, unlike most of my Irish-related videos where I often try to use Old Gaelic pronunciation, I do try to use modern (Munster-ish) pronunciation throughout this video for names, though there may be some inconsistencies or errors. Obviously I am not a native speaker. I can only try my best.

00:00 – Introduction
02:12 – Stone Age Settlement
03:35 – Bell Beakers
07:43 – Celts
12:30 – Mythical origins
24:30 – Gaelic Society from legend to history
28:23 – Medieval Ireland & the Normans
33:43 – Beyond the Pale. Early Modern Struggle
36:04 – Henry VIII, Plantations
38:23 – Confederacy and Cromwell

Credit to : Fortress of Lugh

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