Why did Milk loving Celts Build 4000 Forts?

Why did milk loving Celts build 4000 Forts?

Why did Celts of the British Isles build over 4000 hill forts during the Iron Age? The answer may have something to do with the conflict between those Bronze Age cowboys who maintained traditional pastoralist transhumance lifestyles, and those in the forts who depended more on arable farming. This can also explain why British Celts were the most lactose tolerant people on Earth at that time. In this documentary I visited Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, Castle an Dinas in Cornwall and several other magnificent Iron Age hill forts.

00:00 Hill forts intro
03:32 Bronze Age transhumance
08:46 Liegent
09:52 Bronze Age enclosures
10:48 Early Iron Age forts
12:02 Large Iron Age hill forts
16:18 Conflict: Arable v Pastoralist
19:21 Genetic evidence for increased lactase persistence
21:41 Alternative theories
23:39 Conclusion
Credit to : Survive the Jive

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