‘Why is one Israeli Baby’s Life worth more than 1,000 Palestinian Babies?’

‘Why is one Israeli baby’s life worth more than 1,000 Palestinian babies?’- Pat Kenny to Dana Erlich

Pat Kenny questions Israel’s ambassador to Ireland, Dana Ehrlich on the ongoing war in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned “no one will stop” Israel as its war with Hamas entered its 100th day.

In a televised address, Mr Netanyahu said he is not deterred by the lawsuit lodged by South Africa in the International Court of Justice alleging genocide.

“No one will stop us, not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anyone else,” he said.

“We act according to international law; the [Israeli Defence Forces] makes effort to avoid unnecessary harm at people not involved.

“This is our policy, and this is what defines us and anything else is simply an attempt to make baseless accusations against Israel.”

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Credit to : Newstalk

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