Found Dead On Lofus Lane: Community Remembers “Good Man” Who Slept Rough

Found Dead on Loftus Lane, Dublin

Thomas ‘Tomo’ Boyd Dowling was found dead on Loftus Lane, Dublin on March 21st last year. He is remembered by his friends and family who came together to hold a vigil.

“A good man is gone that shouldn’t be gone!”

“He’d give you his last bleedin’ €2.”

00:00 | Found On Loftus Lane
01:08 | “Everybody Deserves One Little Bit Of Respect”
02:01 | Losing A Brother
04:06 | Vigil
05:50 | “Everyone Deserves A Home”
07:16 | Worries For The Next Generation

Stories From The Street is a three-part documentary series that tells the stories of the humans behind the homelessness crisis, capturing the highs, lows, triumphs, and disasters of life and death on the street.
Credit to : Virginmedia

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