People ‘Bankrupting themselves’ to Meet New Energy Rating Standards

Forced to meet new EU Energy Standards

People who are forced to meet new EU energy standards in their homes will be ‘bankrupting themselves’ due to the cost.

That’s according to Newstalk Breakfast host Ciara Kelly, who was speaking as MEPs will vote later on minimum energy standards for buildings.

Under the proposals, existing residential buildings would have to be at least an ‘E’ energy rating by 2030, and D by 2033.

Ciara said this is something she can’t afford.

“I live in an old house – it was built in 1882 – it’s a nice looking house but jaysus it’s freezing,” she said.

“I don’t turn on my heat 24/7… because you can’t afford to heat it.

“What they’re saying is from 2030 I’m going to have to improve its rating – and I don’t know how I’m going to do that.

“If I’m going to wrap it around, or if I’m going to put in double-glazing, we’re talking tens and tens of thousands”.

Ciara said this will be at a time when she, and many others, can’t afford it.

“That’ll be at a time when I might be not that far off retirement,” she said.

“I just don’t know how people are expected, who live in old houses, to bring them up to modern [standards] without bankrupting themselves?

“Great, by the way, if the Government is going to give me the money to do it, I’m there for that.

“I’d love to live in a warm house as well – but if they’re not going to do it, I’ve no idea how I would come up with the cash”.

Ciara has questioned the veracity of the plans.

“Can you just tell me one thing, and it’s a genuine question, how me retrofitting my house saves the planet?” she said.

“I don’t turn on my heating, I just go cold; I put on jumpers and sleevees.

“I put it on for about an hour a day, the same as everybody else, but my house is colder.

“I don’t think I could turn on my heat any less,” she added.

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Credit to : Newstalk

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