Martin slams UN Security Council failures over Climate Change

Failures of the UN Security Council

Micheál Martin has hit out at the failures of the UN Security Council in his last UN address as Taoiseach.

In his speech to the General Assembly in New York, Mr Martin said it “beggars belief” that the UN had failed to agree a resolution on climate change.

He slammed Russia for vetoing the resolution, put forward by Ireland and Niger, calling it a “singular failure of political will and political responsibility”.

“A year ago, I stood before you and spoke of our ambition for the Council to adopt a resolution on climate and security,” he said.

“Along with Niger, we worked tirelessly to craft a resolution that reflected the reality that climate change is increasingly driving insecurity and acting as a threat multiplier.

“We challenged the Council to take on its responsibilities to address the impact of climate change on international peace and security.

“113 countries; 113 of the members of this assembly supported us in our efforts.

“One country – Russia – vetoed these efforts.

“It frankly beggars belief that, in 2022, the UN body charged with the maintenance of peace and security, has still not taken on its responsibilities in this area.

“It is a singular failure of political will and political responsibility.”

Mr Martin said the world’s political structures and bodies need reform, but it is the lack of “political will to implement and uphold them” that is fundamentally failing the world.
Credit to : Newstalk

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