Stricter COVID Measures needed in Schools with One-in-Five New Cases Under 12

Stricter COVID Measures needed in Schools

We need new measures to reduce COVID transmission in schools with one-in-five new cases now under the age of 12.
UCD Professor Jack Lambert made the call after it emerged health officials are considering relaxing self-isolation rules for schoolchildren.
Around 14,000 children are currently out of school because they have been deemed close-contacts and the figure is expected to rise in the coming weeks.
Under current rules, they have to restrict their movements and stay at home for ten days; however, officials are considering relaxing the rules for those that have no symptoms.
Currently, close contacts who have been vaccinated do not need to restrict movements unless they have symptoms; however, vaccination is not available to under-12s.
On Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Professor Lambert noted that one-in-five new cases in the last two weeks were under the age of 12.
โ€œIf you look over the last couple of weeks in terms of the numbers of cases reported by the Government, they keep saying that kids are not a source of transmission and kids arenโ€™t catching it in school but actually, 50% of all cases in the last two weeks were 25 and under and 20% were 12 and under,โ€ he said. โ€œSo, kids are spreading the virus.โ€
โ€œKids are spreading it and the issue is do we let them spread it, because they are taking it home and it is having consequences for the whole family including people who are at risk in the home.
โ€œI think we need a living with COVID strategy for schools that doesnโ€™t keep kids out of school but makes it safe for everybody both in the school and in the household to live safely.โ€
Credit to : Newtalk

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