Unvaccinated People ‘Can’t Expect the Rest of us to Protect them’

Suggested refusing a COVID-19 Vaccine is ‘Selfish and Arrogant’

HSE board member has suggested refusing a COVID-19 vaccine is ‘selfish and arrogant’.
Fergus Finlay says people need to be aware of the consequences to themselves and others.
He told On The Record those who are unvaccinated cannot expect others to protect them.
“If you’re double vaccinated you can still get COVID, but you shouldn’t get too sick.
“If you’re not vaccinated, if you’ve chosen not to be vaccinated, you can still get COVID and you can end up in ICU or dead.
“And that’s something that people ought to get and understand.
“I just cannot understand the mentality of somebody who says ‘To hell with the vaccine, I’m not bothering me backside getting the vaccine’ – and expecting the rest of us to protect them.
“We don’t have a choice here – we have to try and get things going again.
“The level of frustration among people, and now unfortunately the level of risk that people are going to have to run to some extent.”
And he says the lifting of physical distancing requirements, from October 22nd, could hurt this further.
“Last winter, for example, almost nobody in Ireland got the flu because of social distancing, masking and so on.
“This year, because there’s less social distancing, more people are going to get the flu and are going to find themselves in hospital with serious flu complications.”
Credit to : Newstalk